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Ithra Academy

Unlimited Learning

Academy Domains


Literacy is both the foundation of human knowledge and the record of human experience. At Ithra Academy, we offer a variety of literacy courses that allow participants to identify, understand, interpret, create and communicate with a strong set of practical skills.

Art & Design

Planning, curating and producing an idea or a product that has value, significance and/or solves a problem is an essential skill for the 21st century global market. At Ithra Academy, we offer a variety of courses to broaden your knowledge and skills in Arts and Design.

Science & Technology

Science and technology contribute to society by creating new knowledge and using that knowledge to boost the quality of life. To support this, Ithra Academy offers a variety of enlightening science and technology courses to broaden participants’ knowledge and add to the sum total of global development.

Creative Leadership

The creative industries have become an increasingly important economic driver, spurring demand for both creative talent and those skilled in leading others in creative work. At Ithra, we offer intensive courses on theory along with the world’s best practices to grow the creative leadership knowledge and skills that are essential to lead effectively in the creative and cultural industries.

Film & Performing Arts

Film is a visual art that communicates feelings, stories and perceptions through the language of moving images. Performing arts are forms of art in which artists use their voices, bodies or objects to convey artistic expression in front of a live audience. At Ithra Academy, we offer courses in both fields to equip and prepare professionals and talented individuals to compete globally.


Music is a powerful vehicle for identity and expression that bridges linguistic and cultural divides. As the music industry is rapidly growing and expanding, Ithra Academy offers courses to enhance creation, performance, recording, promotion and managing the profitable business of music for professionals and talented individuals to enrich the regional and global markets.

Academy Levels


1-5 day courses that run for 2-3 hours daily, where participants interact through a number of hands-on activities designed as beginner and introductory training sessions.


3-8 day intermediate training sessions that run for 5 hours daily, where participants interact with special content designed to take them to the next level in their profession.


12-20 day advanced training sessions that run for 6 hours daily, where participants engage with thought-provoking content; meet world-class experts; and interact through multiple experiences (e.g. field trips; end-of-course exhibit, etc.).


Here are the services that we offer:

  • Certification.
  • Coaching.
  • Meeting experts.
  • Access to Ithra’s resources.
  • Local and international case studies.
  • Different sorts of engagement (field trips, end-of-course exhibits, etc.).

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