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About Ithra Academy

What is Ithra Academy?

Aligned with Ithra’s strategic objective of Talent Development, Ithra Academy aims to build capacities and talents in the creative and cultural industries, enabling participants to realize their creative potential through a series of focused and cutting-edge offerings in six domains:

  • 1. Creative Leadership
  • 2. Art & Design
  • 3. Film & Performing Arts
  • 4. Literacy
  • 5. Music
  • 6. Science & Technology

Ithra Academy offers a practical learning experience focusing on a topic or theme with measurable objectives that involve creation of a tangible product or development of skills.


To be the leading expert and resource in building the capacities and talents in the Saudi creative and cultural industries. To play a leading role in developing proficiencies and talents to compete in a global market.


By enhancing skills and knowledge based on best practices, we are committed to providing a positive and stimulating environment for participants to learn, experience unique courses that link the passion of the participants related to the 6 domains provided in Ithra Academy. Participants engage and learn to achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners.

Ithra Academy Goals

  • 1. Build competencies, talents and skills in the creative and cultural industries.
  • 2. Provide impactful courses for emerging and established professionals in the six domains.
  • 3. Collaborate and work in partnerships with leading institutions in the field of creative and cultural industries.
  • 4. Generate successful models for creative and education institutions.
  • 5. Establish ready-packaged practices for external knowledge sharing.
  • 6. Leverage in-house expertise to maintain sustainability.