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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for Ithra Academy?

You can apply directly through this website. Ithra Academy offers multiple courses and masterclasses in 3 different levels: 1- Broaden (beginner and introductory) 2- Immerse (intermediate) 3- Emerge (advanced)

How can I know choose the right level of courses?

We recommend you check the requirements of each course and level of experience required before applying. Also, we offer a free-of-charge coaching service that can assist in guiding you through the right track of courses.

What are Ithra Academy domains?

Ithra Academy focuses on six domains: 1- Creative Leadership 2- Art & Design 3- Film & Performing Arts 4- Literacy 5- Music 6- Science & Technology

Will the courses be conducted physically or virtually?

All offerings of Ithra Academy will be held physically in King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. However, some courses in the advanced level only might follow a hybrid approach.

What is the duration of each course?

Depends on the level and type of courses (certified or non-certified). For “Broaden” level it’s 2 – 3 hours daily; 1 – 5 days training sessions. For “Immerse” level it’s 5 hours daily; 3 – 8 days training sessions. Last but not least for “Emerge” level it’s 6 hours daily; 12 – 20 days training sessions.

Are all courses certified?

Yes, all courses of Ithra Academy are certified by King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra). Some courses will be certified by both Ithra and the Knowledge Provider who is delivering the course.

Do I have to take a leave from my work to enroll in Ithra Academy offerings?

This matter is up to the applicant and his/her employer. Ithra Academy is not responsible. All accepted participants should attend the entire period of the course in-person to obtain certification.

What will I gain by registering in Ithra Academy’s different offerings?

You will enjoy a unique learning experience with your peers and get an access to Ithra’s wide range of resources, programs and facilities. You will also interact with a number of hands-on activities and special content designed to enrich minds and inspire creativity. (Please refer to “Services” section of this webpage).

What are the criteria for accepting applicants?

Each level in Ithra Academy takes into consideration a set of criteria. Please check the requirements and perquisites in each course’s page.

Can I apply to more than one course?


I registered on the website and did not receive the email.

We recommend checking the Spam folder in your email. You can also contact us at: or call us at: 800-122-1224 during opening hours.

How much do courses cost?

All courses’ fees are available in the course’s description page as costs differs from one course to another.

What are the payment methods?

There are two ways of payment, either online or at the front desk at Ithra.

What are the requirements to register in Ithra Academy courses?

Each course has different requirements in terms of age, professional level or course’s delivery language. Please read the course description page for more details.

Are the courses delivered in Arabic or English?

Courses are delivered in Arabic or/and in English. Please refer to the course description page for more information.

What are the nationality of the speakers?

Speakers may vary between national, regional and international. Please refer to the course description for more information.

Are the tickets refundable or exchangeable?

No, tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable.